Friday, March 22, 2013

Cohear is an enterprise that practices various forms of listening to address a problem, to engage with others, and to deepen ourselves. The name CoHear is a wordplay, bringing together the concepts of coherence and mutual listening.

When we find ourselves at odds with others or even with ourselves, we easily get unhappy, contentious, and miserable. Yet such tension is often an essential state in resolving a problem or finding our way. If we can stand it and hold ourselves in the tension, we find coherence, truth, the way forward.

CoHear Counseling offers traditional psychotherapy services. CoHear Conflict Resolution mediates disputes of all kinds. CoHear Collaboration Projects convenes community groups to address social needs.

150 North Street, #39D
Pittsfield, MA 01201

phone: 413.499.9994
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CoHear Counseling

The psychotherapy service is available to anyone having internal distress that is affecting their health, their relationships, and their sense of well-being. People who come to psychotherapy agree to be honest about themselves, and to put effort into addressing the problems at hand. Psychotherapy is essentially bringing a new and neutral party into one’s life in an effort to mobilize and use one’s resources wisely.

Counseling or psychotherapy is a medical service, so health insurance often pays for a good part of its cost. We make every attempt to work with anyone’s medical insurer, and to make counseling affordable. We will discuss costs with you before meeting with you.

Sometimes people want to talk to a therapist alone, and some want to include a partner or family member. The therapist may suggest a format that fits the problem at hand. If the primary problem is a relationship problem, it is often most useful for all parties to be involved in the therapy. People who choose to come to therapy alone will also have ample opportunity to improve their relationships by understanding the other parties as well as themselves and changing their own behavior accordingly.

The person or persons who contract to participate in the therapy hold the right to privacy and other rights mandated by law.

Kathryn L. Jensen, the founder of CoHear, holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is licensed as a psychologist in Massachusetts. Trained in empathy-based, family systems, and behavioral therapies, she addresses the context as well as subjective experience. Clients are expected to be active in their own therapy.

CoHear Conflict Resolution

This service is now in the planning stage. Its first project will be to address conflicts among the adult children of elders. Referrals will be accepted from lawyers, nursing homes, and elder care services. Future plans for CoHear’s conflict resolution project include facilitating exchanges between community groups in conflict.

CoHear Collaboration Projects

CoHear is working to partner with other community organizations and activists to create events aimed at building relationships across divides. As our world has become individualized, the natural gathering places are disappearing. Face-to-face contact with others unlike us in age, social group, and political ideas has given way to knowing only people who resemble ourselves. At CoHear, we are looking to host the kinds of contact with others that has become rare. We will be seeking partners interested in fostering dialogue between parents and teens, strengthening neighborhoods, and addressing alienation.

CoHear Philosophy & Mission

Our mission is to help people move through struggle into mutual regard. We do this by promoting true understanding of the deep themes around which human lives operate. We align people within the patterns of their lives formed by their natures, their loved ones, and their life roles. Distress contains the tension between opposing wishes, and it is in the resolution of the opposites into a coherent whole that is progress in human affairs.